[Bug 2755] [PATCH] sshd_config: allow directories in AuthorizedKeysFile=

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Tue Feb 12 08:33:15 AEDT 2019


--- Comment #9 from Erik Sjölund <erik.sjolund at gmail.com> ---
Regarding the order of files from readdir():

It seems readdir() has no guaranty about order: 


I think the order could influence how access is given by the server if
multiple keys allow access in different ways.  Because of that it would
make sense to define an order in which the files are read. For
simplicity I would suggest alphabetical order.

Some limits are probably needed regarding the maximum number of
authorized files and the maximum filename length. Maybe those numbers
could be configurable.

The allowed set of characters in the filenames should probably also be
To make the alphabetical ordering easy to understand one could limit
the allowed characters to be for instance


or maybe a bit more generous:


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