[Bug 3324] SSH client does not use correct user when ProxyJump option specified

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--- Comment #1 from Damien Miller <djm at mindrot.org> ---
> If my user is "bob" and I do 'ssh test at visor.home', the user that 
> will be used for authentication for both the jump host and for >
> the target is "bob" instead of "test".

It's definitely intended that the default user ("bob" here) would be
used to authenticate to the ProxyJump host, because that hasn't been
overridden anywhere. Note that that a non-default destination username
is deliberately *not* used automatically for the jump host - you need
to specify it explicitly, either on the ProxyJump commandline/directive
(ProxyJump user at host) or in the Host/Match block for the jump host in
your config.

It's not intended that the default user would be used to authenticate
to the destination host when another is specified on the commandline.
However, I can't replicate the behaviour you're seeing however: when I
try a modified version of your config the destination uses the user
specified on the commandline.

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