[Bug 3333] Both Local Port forwarding and Remote port forwarding at openSSH working is not a right case, if SSH Client is on Remote port forwarding

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Thu Jul 29 00:36:27 AEST 2021


--- Comment #1 from PavanKumar K Arakere <pshimoga at gmail.com> ---

VNCServer<-->OpenSSH_Server(RPF) <===> openSSH_Client(LPF)<-->VNCClient

Individual App details:
1. VNCServer on LinuxSystem: configured to run at at port

2. OpenSSH as Server on LinuxSystem: 
ssh -R 6900: user at

3. OpenSSH as Client on Windows: 
ssh -L 5900: user at LinuxSystemIP

4. VNCClient on Windows: VNCClient.exe
configured to connect to on port 5900

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