[Bug 3308] host resolve bug

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Wed May 5 18:01:35 AEST 2021


--- Comment #4 from loic.did at gmail.com ---
As you said I configured 3 node modules with:
host: debian at vps-1060b8b0.vps.ovh.net
port: 22

Trigger the so called bug.

The "ssh ssh://debian@vps-1060b8b0.vps.ovh.net:22" does work but not
sure I can get a use of it since I can also use the arguement P but not
used by the nodejs modules. Anyway I found a node module that works (at
least for the connection).

And as you said the host:port format can only be used while following
ssh:// it's written on the man page but as I don't have man installed I
used the help that doesn't provide the format.

The help isn't really helpful since I can't understand much with it but
it's my fault to not have checked the man page before posting.
I think the help needs and update to provide more information since I
think I'm not the only that have or will have this problem.

Sorry that I took your time for that.

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