[Bug 3304] SSH client MUX to multiple hosts causes select: Bad file descriptor

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Wed May 12 05:38:00 AEST 2021


--- Comment #8 from E B <openssh-bugzilla at erik.ca> ---
Apologies for the latent response, I am able to reproduce this issue on
every attempt with OpenSSH 8.6p1 (commit f068930635).

I have attached the full ssh log output for both the MUX process and
the ansible / ssh processes running through the MUX connection to the
bastion host.

Full OpenSSH_8.6p1 MUX proc log
Full OpenSSH_8.6p1 ansible proc log (gzip)

I used the same steps outlined in the original comment with the
exception where extra logging was enabled on the ansible side:

ANSIBLE_SSH_ARGS="-vvv -E ./ssh.log" ansible -i my_target_hosts all -a

Let me know whether you would also need the full strace output or
whether the logs above will suffice.


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