[Bug 3279] UpdateHostKeys triggers "client_global_hostkeys_private_confirm: server gave bad signature for RSA key 0" error message

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Thu May 20 05:08:19 AEST 2021


--- Comment #12 from Thomas Braun <thomas.braun at byte-physics.de> ---
> I don't know much about how the ssh client in git-for-windows works. Is it built from Cygwin, Microsoft's OpenSSH port or something else?

It's basically built from cygwin. It's called MSYS which is a
derivation of cygwin.

The sources are available at
https://github.com/git-for-windows/MSYS2-packages/tree/main/openssh. It
is not particular easy to build though.

Is there a way I can store the failing RSA key in a file?

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