[Bug 3351] RSA SHA256 certificates no longer work

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Mon Oct 11 14:49:00 AEDT 2021


--- Comment #8 from Damien Miller <djm at mindrot.org> ---
Most of the fixes were in this commit IIRC:

commit 4ba0d54794814ec0de1ec87987d0c3b89379b436
Author: djm at openbsd.org <djm at openbsd.org>
Date:   Tue Jul 3 11:39:54 2018 +0000

    upstream: Improve strictness and control over RSA-SHA2 signature

    In ssh, when an agent fails to return a RSA-SHA2 signature when
    requested and falls back to RSA-SHA1 instead, retry the signature
    ensure that the public key algorithm sent in the SSH_MSG_USERAUTH
    matches the one in the signature itself.

    In sshd, strictly enforce that the public key algorithm sent in the
    SSH_MSG_USERAUTH message matches what appears in the signature.

    Make the sshd_config PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes and
    HostbasedAcceptedKeyTypes options control accepted signature
    (previously they selected supported key types). This allows these
    options to ban RSA-SHA1 in favour of RSA-SHA2.

    Add new signature algorithms "rsa-sha2-256-cert-v01 at openssh.com"
    "rsa-sha2-512-cert-v01 at openssh.com" to force use of RSA-SHA2
    with certificate keys.

    feedback and ok markus@

    OpenBSD-Commit-ID: c6e9f6d45eed8962ad502d315d7eaef32c419dde

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