[Bug 3134] AuthorizedKeysCommand is not executed anymore when an AuthorizedKeysFile has a matching entry

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--- Comment #3 from Ahmed Sayeed <ahmedsayeed1982 at yahoo.com> ---
It does not happen on every run. My MWE:
``` http://www-look-4.com/tech/honor-magicbook/
// test.cpp

int main() https://komiya-dental.com/property/google-android/
    int a{ 4 };

    std::cout << "a = " << a << '\n';
    return 0;
Simply running the program under GDB yields:
``` https://waytowhatsnext.com/property/disney-at-home/
(gdb) r
Starting program: test-gdb/a.out
[New Thread 0x1a03 of process 24826]
[New Thread 0x1b03 of process 24826]
warning: unhandled dyld version (17)
a = 4
[Inferior 1 (process 24826) exited normally]
``` http://www.jopspeech.com/technology/thunderbolt-4/
However, setting breakpoints triggers it:
(gdb) b main http://joerg.li/technology/b-class-cars/
Breakpoint 1 at 0x100003e57: file test.cpp, line 5.
(gdb) r
Starting program: test-gdb/a.out
[New Thread 0x2403 of process 24836]
[New Thread 0x2203 of process 24836]
warning: unhandled dyld version (17)
Thread 2 hit Breakpoint 1, main () at test.cpp:5
5           int a{ 4 };
(gdb) r http://www.slipstone.co.uk/technology/cars-interior/
The program being debugged has been started already.
Start it from the beginning? (y or n) n
Program not restarted.
(gdb) q
A debugging session is active.

        Inferior 1 [process 24836] will be killed.

Quit anyway? (y or n) y
../../gdb/target.c:2149: internal-error: void
target_mourn_inferior(ptid_t): Assertion `ptid == inferior_ptid'
failed. http://www.compilatori.com/technology/download-videos/
A problem internal to GDB has been detected,
further debugging may prove unreliable.
Quit this debugging session? (y or n) y

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