[Bug 2931] Incorrect test against OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER

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Ahmed Sayeed <ahmedsayeed1982 at yahoo.com> changed:

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--- Comment #4 from Ahmed Sayeed <ahmedsayeed1982 at yahoo.com> ---
$ ./gdb -nx -q --data-directory=data-directory ~/a.out -ex "set confirm
off" -ex "file -readnow ~/a.out" 
        Reading symbols from /home/simark/a.out...
        Reading symbols from ~/a.out...
internal-error: void create_all_comp_units(dwarf2_per_objfile*):
Assertion `per_objfile->per_bfd-
>all_comp_units.empty ()' failed. 

    This is a recurring problem that exposes a design issue
https://waytowhatsnext.com/crypto/cryptocurrency-taxes/ in the DWARF
    per-BFD sharing feature.  Things work well when loading a binary
    the same method (with/without index, with/without readnow) twice
http://www.wearelondonmade.com/property/cars-as-house/ in a
    row.  But they don't work so well when loading a binary with
    methods.  See this previous fix, for example:

        efb763a5ea35 ("gdb: check for partial symtab presence in
dwarf2_initialize_objfile") http://joerg.li/services/kia-rio-price/

    That one handled the case where the first load is normal (uses
    symbols) and the second load uses an index.

    The problem is that when loading an objfile with a method A, we
create a 
    dwarf2_per_bfd and some dwarf2_per_cu_data and initialize them with
the http://embermanchester.uk/property/chat-themes/ 
    data belonging to that method.  When loading another obfile sharing
    same BFD but with a different method B, it's not
http://www.slipstone.co.uk/services/chevrolet-bolt/ clear how to re-use
    dwarf2_per_bfd/dwarf2_per_cu_data previously created, because they
    contain the data specific to method A.

    I think the most sensible fix would be to not share a
    between two objfiles loaded with different methods.  That means
that two
    objfiles sharing the same BFD
http://www.acpirateradio.co.uk/tech/forest-fires/ and loaded the same
way would share a
    dwarf2_per_bfd.  Two objfiles sharing the same BFD but loaded with
    different methods would use two different dwarf2_per_bfd
    However, this isn't a trivial change.  So to fix the known issue
    (including in the gdb 10 branch), this patch just disables all
    dwarf2_per_bfd sharing for objfiles using READNOW.

    Generalize the gdb.base/index-cache-load-twice.exp test to test all
    the possible combinations of loading a file with partial symtabs,
    and readnow.  Move it to gdb.dwarf2,
https://www.webb-dev.co.uk/crypto/crypto-fell/ since it really
exercises features
    of the DWARF reader.

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