[Bug 3469] SSH from host is not getting connected to Beaglebone black board having openssh 9.0p1

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Sat Aug 13 00:43:32 AEST 2022


--- Comment #5 from Ravi Haravina N <raviharavina at eaton.com> ---
Hi Miller,
Thanks for your reply. Found the place in Openssh where we call
clock_gettime - in packet.c->ssh_packet_send2 line#1293
(state->rekey_time = monotime();) which in turn calls clock_gettime.

Analysing the header file of usr/include/time.h (in toolchain having
glibc 2.36 version) seems there is a flag __USE_TIME_BITS64 which
defines, which function(APIs) to be used. 

Analysis is in progress. I will update once I have some info to this
Thankyou for directing me to right path.

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