[Bug 3431] scp truncates file when copying file over itself

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Fri May 13 17:01:49 AEST 2022


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--- Comment #3 from Damien Miller <djm at mindrot.org> ---
This fix has been committed and will be in OpenSSH 9.1, due in a few

commit 56a0697fe079ff3e1ba30a2d5c26b5e45f7b71f8 (HEAD -> master,
origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: djm at openbsd.org <djm at openbsd.org>
Date:   Fri May 13 06:31:50 2022 +0000

    upstream: arrange for scp, when in sftp mode, to not ftruncate(3)


    previous behavious of unconditionally truncating the destination
    would cause "scp ~/foo localhost:" and "scp localhost:foo ~/" to
    delete all the contents of their destination.

    spotted by solene@ sthen@, also bz3431; ok dtucker@

    OpenBSD-Commit-ID: ca39fdd39e0ec1466b9666f15cbcfddea6aaa179

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