[Bug 3598] Dead lock of sshd and Defunct of sshd

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Fri Aug 4 10:47:40 AEST 2023


--- Comment #5 from Damien Miller <djm at mindrot.org> ---
nerfing sigdie would mean that we lose the following log messages:

auth-pam.c:             sigdie("PAM: authentication thread exited
auth-pam.c:             sigdie("PAM: authentication thread exited
sshd.c: sigdie("Timeout before authentication for %s port %d",

I was about to suggest what Darren said re arranging for the process to
exit with a magic value and moving the logging to the parent, but I see
that he beat me to it :)

OTOH I don't love the idea of moving the grace alarm to the privsep
child, since it's intended not to be trustworthy. Other options include
implementing LoginGraceTime in the monitor mainloop or having the
listener do the logging (AFAIK it's still around at this point for
MaxStartups tracking)

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