[Bug 3603] ssh clients can't communicate with server with default cipher when fips is enabled at server end

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Thu Aug 17 20:43:23 AEST 2023


--- Comment #6 from Shreenidhi Shedi <sshedi at vmware.com> ---
Sorry for the confusion.

The patch I mentioned #1 is in Photon 3.0. Ignore the patch related
info I provided, that's something we are doing in 3.0 version only.

Now I'm hitting this issue in Photon 5.0 where we are using 9.3p2.

In this we just use what's given by upstream with mostly default

In this our cipher list is, exactly this

And we are hitting this issue.

You can try this in your setup as well, enable openssl fips in server,
use latest openssh server and try connecting from a client with no
ciphers mentioned.

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