[Bug 3603] ssh clients can't communicate with server with default cipher when fips is enabled at server end

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Thu Aug 17 22:15:34 AEST 2023


--- Comment #9 from Shreenidhi Shedi <sshedi at vmware.com> ---
Hi Damien, thanks for your response.

Please ignore the details on the patch I provided.

I'm currently talking about newer openssh with no patch included, check
this spec.


I'm using 9.3p2 here and no patch and don't intend to add it as well.

Now question is, if I take latest openssh and deploy it on both client
and server and enable fips in server, will client be able to
communicate with the server?

I am attaching the log for this scenario but with a slightly lower
version of server and client. PTAL.

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