[Bug 3572] ssh-agent refused operation when using FIDO2 with -O verify-required

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Thu Aug 24 20:15:09 AEST 2023


--- Comment #6 from bluebird090909 at proton.me ---
I didn't have ssh-askpass installed either, but even after installing
it and using the steps above, the result was the same.

Running on Arch Linux:

sudo pacman -S x11-ssh-askpass
env SSH_ASKPASS=/usr/lib/ssh/x11-ssh-askpass ssh-agent $SHELL -l
ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_ed25519_sk
  Identity added: /home/user/.ssh/id_ed25519_sk
ssh-add -T ~/.ssh/id_ed25519_sk.pub
  Agent signature failed for /home/user/.ssh/id_ed25519_sk.pub: agent
refused operation

Shouldn't entering the pin on the terminal work as well? It works
during key registration at least, so I don't get why ssh-askpass would
be required?

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