[Bug 3608] ssh version is different with sshd version

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Fri Aug 25 13:09:06 AEST 2023


--- Comment #5 from yataosu at gmail.com <yataosu at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Darren Tucker from comment #2)
> This is about the output of "sshd -V" not the version in the
> protocol output:
> There's two version identifiers in version.h, the base OpenSSH
> version and the -portable version:
> #define SSH_VERSION     "OpenSSH_9.4"
> #define SSH_PORTABLE    "p1"
> Upstream (OpenBSD) only uses SSH_VERSION.
> ssh.c uses SSH_RELEASE (the full version) and has for a long, long
> time
> (https://github.com/openssh/openssh-portable/commit/
> 2aa6d3cfce738f57c31ae676e11399382bd5660e):
>                 case 'V':
>                         fprintf(stderr, "%s, %s\n",
>                             SSH_RELEASE, SSH_OPENSSL_VERSION);
> When sshd -V was added in OpenBSD  it used SSH_VERSION (the base
> version), and when it was synced into -portable this was brought
> over without change
> ((https://github.com/openssh/openssh-portable/commit/
> 7d17ea151c0b2519f023bd9cc7f141128833ac47):
>                 case 'V':
>                         fprintf(stderr, "%s, %s\n",
>                             SSH_VERSION, SSH_OPENSSL_VERSION);
> I contend sshd -V should match ssh -V behaviour.

Yeah, I saw this version logic in ssh.c sshd.c, and I very agreed with
you, this two version should matched.

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