[Bug 3544] Support CIDR notation for host pattern matching

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Thu Mar 2 14:07:56 AEDT 2023


--- Comment #2 from bts at square-r00t.net ---
Thank you, Damien; that makes a lot of sense and I certainly can't
imagine I'd be the first to suggest this. I too searched for something
similar in bugzilla but couldn't find anything.

I'm assuming the same/similar limitations apply to known_hosts key

Would it be possible to support some sort of prefix to these strings to
indicate explicitly that they're e.g. a CIDR or address instead of
hostname/DNS name and can thus skip globbing, translation, etc. and go
to CIDR matching, etc.? e.g.:


(thus, an ssh_config could have:

Host ip:

and a known_hosts could have:

somehost,cidr: ssh-ed25519 AA....

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