[Bug 3548] Upgrading from openssl-3.0.8 to openssl-3.1.0 leads to version mismatch error

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--- Comment #7 from Darren Tucker <dtucker at dtucker.net> ---
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My take

>+        lfix = (libver & 0x0ffffff0L) >> 12;

That's going to include the patchlevel which we previously did not (but
since they also say "We also allow backporting of accessor functions in
these releases" was that deliberate?  if so is there any point in
disallowing this here, since in that case the dynamic linking would
fail anyway before we got to this check?)

If we're going to do the same checks we can use the same code.

    if (headerver < 0x3000000f) {
        mask = 0xfff0000fL; /* major,minor,status */
        hfix = (headerver & 0x000ff000) >> 12;
        lfix = (libver & 0x000ff000) >> 12;
    } else {
        mask = 0xf000000fL; /* major, status */
        hfix = (headerver & 0x0ffffff0L) >> 12;
        lfix = (libver & 0x0ffffff0L) >> 12;

    if ( (headerver & mask) == (libver & mask) && lfix >= hfix)
        return 1;
    return 0;

If you ignore the patchlevel for both you could even complement the
mask and use that to compute hfix and lfix once, but I think that'd be
sufficiently unclear as to be not worth the couple of lines saved.

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