[Bug 3550] Key Conflict

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--- Comment #3 from maggiezhuooo at 163.com ---
(In reply to Damien Miller from comment #1)
> You can use stty(1) to control the terminal's interpretation of ^C
> E.g.
> [djm at djm ~]$ ssh -t test "stty -isig; echo go; sleep 5; echo ok"
> go
> ^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^C^Cok
> Connection to test closed.
> Without -isig, the ^C results in a SIGINT:
> [djm at djm ~]$ ssh -t test "echo go; sleep 5; echo ok"go
> ^CConnection to test.mindrot.org closed.

Thanks for the reply, but sorry maybe I didn't describe my question
It is known that the default value of ^C in stty -intr , serves to
interrupt the current command. Now this ^C will make ssh exit under ssh
-t command. 
I have tried changing the default value to ^N in the terminal, but ^N
only interrupts the command, ssh does not send SIGINT. I wonder if
there is a way to make ^C still act as a key to send SIGINT, but ssh
does not exit? Is there a way to replace the default ^C that causes ssh
to exit?

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