[Bug 3622] Please add an option to generate fish shell output

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Fri Oct 6 16:08:49 AEDT 2023


--- Comment #3 from Damien Miller <djm at mindrot.org> ---
AFAIK it's the reverse: tcsh is more popular than fish. Also there's


which is another C-shell.

Re -U, the fish documentation says this:

> -U or --universal
> Sets a universal variable. The variable will be immediately available to all > the user’s fish instances on the machine, and will be persist across restarts > of the shell.

This would be a significant difference between how ssh-agent under fish
would work vs how it works with other shells. It seems superficially
convenient, but IMO it would be a bad idea as it would break things
like ssh forwarded agents.

(None of this is should be interpreted as an agreement to implement
fish support in ssh-agent, I'm just trying to bring some data to the

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