[Bug 3048] ssh reads from the wrong directory in user namespace

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Wed Oct 11 20:16:12 AEDT 2023


--- Comment #5 from chrysn at fsfe.org ---
Right, it says that it will *set* HOME. (It's just very tempting to
misread the "ENVIRONMENT" section to mean what it means in many other
programs: which variables are *consumed*).

Other docs, such as `contrib/cygwin/README` mention that HOME is *not*
used, but it's unclear whether that's platform dependent, and there are
occurrences of HOME spread in various files.

So there is no inconsistency with documentation. What remains is the
inconsistency with the behavior of shells (looked up bash and zsh), and
all language provided tilde expansions I've checked (GNU libc, Python).

If there is (given Darren's comment: if there is still) a reason to
only use getpwnam, that's fine with me, but please point it out in the
docs (along with the rationale for the behavior) -- but my impression
is that this behavior is a remnant of a long unused mechanism.

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