[Bug 3627] openssh 9.4p1 does not see RSA keys in know_hosts file.

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Sat Oct 14 03:41:26 AEDT 2023


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(In reply to Damien Miller from comment #1)
> Created attachment 3739 [details]
> additional debuigging for known_hosts
> Please try applying this patch and running ssh in debug mode again.
> The patch adds some additional diagnostics that might help figure
> out what's happening here.

This is a solaris sparc machine so I can not apply the "patch" as you

diff: illegal option -- git

If you can apply the patch and then zip up the patched hostfile.c and
upload it, I can download it and then put it in place and compile it in
and see if it gives more diagnostics.

I appreciate any assistance on this oddity.

I don't understand why it put the RSA key in the known_hosts file, but
can't read it the next time.

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