[Bug 3331] Issues with man pages

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Sun Oct 15 23:36:15 AEDT 2023


--- Comment #5 from Helge Kreutzmann <debian at helgefjell.de> ---
I agree that this is an unfortunate situation.

I cannot tell (and seriously lack the ressources to investigate) where
the individual strings originate from, besides which distribution
shipped them. We currently maintain 22 languages and have more than 100
upstream projects and I'm myself the only person propagating these

In the past, translators found issues and silently fixed them in their
translation. Now we (aka I) try to report them "upstream", so hopefully
all users benefit, but due to the sheer volume, thats all I can do.

So please see this as a service - if you could browse through the list
and review which are applicable to you (and fix those you agree), that
would be great. If, additionally, you can tell me which you don't agree
and which don't apply to you, then I could mark them appropriately in
our sources (and this would be wonderful).

If manpages-l10n gets better tooling and/or more ressources in the
future, then we can possibly report them to the "right" layer.


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