[openssh-commits] CVS: shitei.mindrot.org: openssh

Darren Tucker dtucker at mindrot.org
Sun Nov 7 20:06:19 EST 2004

CVSROOT:	/var/cvs
Module name:	openssh
Changes by:	dtucker at shitei.mindrot.org	2004/11/07 20:06:19

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog clientloop.c clientloop.h ssh.1 ssh.c 

Log message:
- djm at cvs.openbsd.org 2004/11/07 00:01:46
[clientloop.c clientloop.h ssh.1 ssh.c]
add basic control of a running multiplex master connection; including the
ability to check its status and request it to exit; ok markus@

cvs -n rdiff -u -r1.3579 -r1.3580 openssh/ChangeLog
cvs -n rdiff -u -r1.117 -r1.118 openssh/clientloop.c
cvs -n rdiff -u -r1.11 -r1.12 openssh/clientloop.h
cvs -n rdiff -u -r1.156 -r1.157 openssh/ssh.1
cvs -n rdiff -u -r1.212 -r1.213 openssh/ssh.c

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