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Mon Sep 27 00:46:30 AEST 2021

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djm pushed a change to annotated tag V_8_8_P1
in repository openssh.

        at  f74f76dd  (tag)
   tagging  bf944e3794eff5413f2df1ef37cddf96918c6bde (commit)
  replaces  V_8_7_P1
 tagged by  Damien Miller
        on  Mon Sep 27 00:04:11 2021 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------


Damien Miller (2):
      update version numbers for release
      initgroups needs grp.h

Darren Tucker (13):
      Remove obsolete Redhat PAM config and init script.
      Replace shell function with ssh-keygen -A.
      Resync PuTTY interop tests.
      OpenSSL development is now 3.1.*
      Test against OpenSSL 3 branch as well as dev.
      Correct version_num for OpenSSL dev branch.
      Tests for OpenSSL 3.0.0 release & 1.1.1 branch.
      Increment nfds when coming from startup_pipe.
      Correct OpenSSL 1.1.1 stable identifier.
      Really fix test on OpenSSL 1.1.1 stable.
      Test against LibreSSL 3.2.6, 3.3.4, 3.4.0.
      Replacement function for buggy fgrep.
      Move the fgrep replacement to hostkey-rotate.sh.

David Carlier (1):
      Disable tracing on FreeBSD using procctl.

David Manouchehri (1):
      Don't prompt for yes/no questions.

Shchelkunov Artem (1):
      Fix memory leak in error path.

deraadt at openbsd.org (1):
      upstream: sys/param.h is not needed for any visible reason

djm at openbsd.org (17):
      upstream: wrap at 80 columns
      upstream: After years of forewarning, disable the RSA/SHA-1
      upstream: adapt to RSA/SHA1 deprectation
      upstream: avoid NULL deref in -Y find-principals. Report and fix
      upstream: correct my mistake in previous fix; spotted by halex
      upstream: Use the SFTP protocol by default. The original scp/rcp
      upstream: openssh-7.4 was incorrectly listed twice; spotted by
      upstream: when using SFTP protocol, continue transferring files after a
      upstream: allow CanonicalizePermittedCNAMEs=none in ssh_config; ok
      upstream: missing space character in ssh -G output broke the
      upstream: allow log_stderr==2 to prefix log messages with argv[0]
      upstream: make some more scp-in-SFTP mode better match Unix idioms
      upstream: better error message for ~user failures when the
      upstream: Switch scp back to use the old protocol by default, ahead of
      upstream: fix missing -s in SYNOPSYS and usage() as well as a
      upstream: need initgroups() before setresgid(); reported by anton@,
      upstream: openssh-8.8

dtucker at openbsd.org (14):
      upstream: Specify hostkeyalgorithms in SSHFP test.
      upstream: Better compat tests with old PuTTY.
      upstream: Specify path to PuTTY keys.
      upstream: Add a function to skip remaining tests.
      upstream: Fix ssh-rsa fallback for old PuTTY interop tests.
      upstream: Add test for client termination status on signal.
      upstream: Remove redundant attrib_clear in upload_dir_internal.
      upstream: Refer to KEX "algorithms" instead of "methods" to match
      upstream: Mention using ssh -i for specifying the public key file
      upstream: Use .Cm instead of .Dq in StrictHostKeyChecking list for
      upstream: Clarify which file's attributes -p preserves, and that
      upstream: Document behaviour of arguments following non-interactive
      upstream: Document that non-interactive commands are run via the user's
      upstream: Fix "Allocated port" debug message

jmc at openbsd.org (1):
      upstream: - move CAVEATS to its correct order - use the term

kn at openbsd.org (1):
      upstream: RSA/SHA-1 is not used by default anymore

mbuhl at openbsd.org (1):
      upstream: put back the mux_ctx memleak fix for SSH_CHANNEL_MUX_CLIENT

millert at openbsd.org (1):
      upstream: revision 1.381 neglected to remove

schwarze at openbsd.org (1):
      upstream: Do not ignore SIGINT while waiting for input if editline(3)


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