ANNOUNCE: openssh-1.2.2

Damien Miller djm at
Thu Jan 27 16:12:59 EST 2000

It gives me no little pleasure to announce the first stable release
of the Unix port of OpenSSH. 

It is available in tar.gz and RPM format from one of the mirrors
listed at:

This release fixes all known issues and is known to compile and
function on (at least) recent releases on Linux, Solaris, HPUX and SCO

Please review the ChangeLog[1] for details on what has changed since
the last release.

I am holding off on a wider announcement until the mirrors have

Thanks to everyone who assisted with testing, bug reports, success
stories and most of all, patches :) Special thanks to the OpenBSD
developers for giving us OpenSSH to begin with.

Damien Miller


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