updated SuSE spec file

Chris Saia csaia at wtower.com
Sun Dec 5 07:52:57 EST 1999


The following patch should be  applied if you're building a SuSE-style
RPM with the spec file included in  the pre15 tarfile.  I've made some
changes  since the  copy that went  out with  pre15,  and I've been  a
little lax in sending the updates up.

Namely,  one of  the fixes  includes not  making  symlinks part of the
package itself.  They are now  done with a  postinstall script and are
removed (if found)  by a postuninstall script.   Some  of the messages
output by these   scripts are now   more user-oriented.   (Why  bother
saying that we're creating a new host key if one already exists and we
aren't going to make one?)  I've also marked manual pages as %doc.

Damien, I'll be sending you up the whole spec file intact as well.

   csaia at wtower.com, WTnet IRC Administrator - http://www.wtower.com/~csaia/
    GNU Privacy Guard Public Key information is available at the above URL.

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