Pam errors in Solaris

Ben Taylor bent at
Tue Dec 7 10:44:07 EST 1999

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, David Agraz wrote:

> regarding the segfault that shows up when calling
> pam_open_session in sshd under solaris--

The segfault is related to the fact that PAM_TTY was not set
by pam_set_attr, which for some reason, Solaris expects to be

I have a patch which causes the segfault to go away, but have had
worse success getting a working shell.  There is a controlling
terminal issue, which I haven't gotten my hands around. 


> In the dec 1 Solaris 7 patch report update, there is one mention
> of pam:
> Patch-ID# 107285-01
> Synopsis: SunOS 5.7: passwd & patch
> BugId's fixed with this patch: 4172457
> Changes incorporated in this version:
> Date: Aug/17/99
> but it doesn't seem to be freely available -- when looking
> for the file to download, sun tells us:
> The document or patch you are attempting to access is available to
> contract customers only. You can obtain the patch from your local 
> Solution Center. North American customers can call 1-800-USA-4SUN.
> I also didn't have much luck finding out just what bugid 4172457
> is, so I'm afraid I can't even tell if it's relevant.  Has anyone
> access to this patch, and if so how has running sshd gone?
> thanks,
> David Agraz
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