scp with openssh on the server side and $PATH.

Philip Hands phil at
Tue Dec 14 04:06:52 EST 1999

Marc.Haber-lists at (Marc Haber) writes:

> On 10 Dec 1999 17:50:13 +0000, you wrote:
> >I suggest you install the debian package, rather than build it
> >yourself.  You can grab it thus:
> >
> >  apt-get install ssh
> >
> >Then it'll just work (or you get to report a bug to me ;-)
> Nope. slink here. The binary package depends on libc6.1, the source
> package doesn't build because stropts.h is in libc6-dev from potato,
> but not in slink's.

So how are you building it yourself?

The Debian diff doesn't contain any references to stropts.h, so I've
not introduced that dependency.

If you're having to tweak something to make it build, I'd appreciate it
if you'd apply the same tweak to the debian source and tell me what
needs to be done, because I'd like the debian source to build on slink

Cheers, Phil.

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