openssh on AIX v4.3.3 with native compiler

d. hall dhall at
Tue Dec 14 17:02:19 EST 1999

edgy at wrote:

>     That patch fixed the first error  I encountered.. Here is another
> you might have a suggestion. It is having problems with two extern
> with different types and same name. Sorry to keep posting but I just
> looking at this source tree and I am not comfortable making changes..
> are much better people to decide what to change then I :)

Excuse the bad parsing of this message, Outlook at fixed width may or may
butcher this message badly (please send any replies and/or CC: to my work
address, Darren_Hall at I can't seem to get Outlook to added
Reply-to headers either =( )

Btw: I have a patch for to incorporate looking for GNU C
and #ifndef the "attribute(x)", as well as check against a native inline.

I've been attempting to port over openssh to AIX 4.2.1 (and correspondingly
to 4.3.2 / 4.3.3)

The problem is "Options options" and "ServerOptions options", defined
within ssh.c and sshd.c respectively.  I believe channels.c attempt to
define them within individual functions, unfortunately AIX's native
produces a more global scope.

What side effects would occur if the ServerOptions options variable was
changed to soptions?  I just downloaded the source last night, and have
been tinkering with it during the day.  I've gotten it _very_ close to
(linker complained about an undefined options somewhere), before the
end of the day.

I also have done a lot of type casting to remove the frivilous warnings
regarding (int *) != (unsigned int *).  Let me know if I'm repeating any
work done.

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