openssh on AIX v4.3.3 with native compiler

d. hall dhall at
Wed Dec 15 16:02:36 EST 1999

Had a little more time to think about this, instead of just reacting to the
compiler warnings.

line 39		getpeername, changed fromlen to size_t
line 128	getsockopt, changed option_size to size_t
line 194	getpeername, changed fromlen to size_t
line 216	getpeername, changed fromlen to size_t

A majority of these problems arise from AIX's compiler being fussy.  I
noticed on my current dist of Linux, getpeername's 3rd arg is defined as
(int *) in the man page, and (socklen_t *) within the include file (which
isn't defined within aix).

line 390	accept, changed addrlen to size_t
line 418	accept, changed addrlen to size_t
line 448	accept, changed len to size_t
line 1014	packet_get_string, host_len as size_t
line 1021	packet_get_string, originator_len as size_t
line 1230	packet_get_string, remote_len as size_t

line 915	packet_get_string, payload_len as size_t

After digging around my dist to find exactly what typedef size_t was set
to, I'll have to guess it's an unsigned long.  It was far easier setting
these variable to size_t, then going through and typecasting (size_t *) for
each declaration of that function.

>>>> Markus Friedl wrote:
> channels.c has been fixed in OpenSSH-current

Is this the CVS version?  I'm relatively new to openssh, so I haven't
looked carefully at the relationship between the CVS/BSD version, as it
compares to the ported version.

Also with a little coax'ing, the Makefile is understood by non-gnu make;
any consideration towards a more generic Makefile format?

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