Progress meter for ssh-keygen

Mark D. Baushke mark.baushke at
Thu Dec 16 18:34:11 EST 1999

Reading this (progress meter) patch reminds me of something I meant to
bring up previously about scp...

I know folks that favor building the old ssh1.2.27 distribution using
the 'configure --without-scp-stats' option so that scp more closely
behaves like rcp (only generate output on errors). 

Yes, this behavior can be obtained if you remember to add the -q
switch to the scp command, but it might be useful to borrow this kind
of configuration functionality from the ssh1.2.27 configure script. I
believe they use a macro something like WITH_SCP_STATS to control if
the code to generate the progress stats should be compiled into the
program or not.

	-- Mark

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