ANNOUNCE: preliminary HPUX10.20 port

Andre Lucas andre.lucas at
Sat Dec 18 03:25:27 EST 1999

Hi all,

I've done a basic port of OpenSSH 1.2.1pre18 to HPUX10.20. It looks like
everything's in there except utmp/wtmp/wtmpx support, which seems to be
a problem in general... In particular, X11 forwarding works (Oh yes!)
even though HP seem determined to break it. It's working well enough to
do continuing development work on, if that tells you anything about the
state of the port.

The patchfile (hint: use GNU patch 2.5!) is attached, it's made against
the virgin openssh-1.2.1pre18.tar.gz file.

It's tested with gcc, I'm interested to hear if it works with HP's
compiler. I haven't tested with a trusted system yet but the detection
code is in there.

AFAIK the changes are all autoconf friendly. It adds the platform
detection stuff (config.sub, config.guess) which may annoy some people -
let me know what you think. I don't see the harm myself. Even if you
don't have HPUX, I'd be grateful if you'd try applying the patch so I
can see what breaks.

BTW don't hate me for some of the apparently wierd autoconf changes,
HPUX is a strange place to work. If there's anyone out there who can
explain what the *hell* they are playing at with utmp and wtmp, I'd love
to hear it.


-Andre Lucas
Instinet Global Services
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