Portability hacks + alpha HPUX1020 port

Andre Lucas andre.lucas at dial.pipex.com
Tue Dec 21 05:07:05 EST 1999


Attached is a patch to 1.2.1pre18 that includes a number of portability
changes, and more a more complete HPUX10.20 implementation. Thanks to
Ben Taylor's utmpx patch, utmpx and wtmpx support are now in for HP,
with a few caveats. It compiles cleanly on HPUX10.20 with gcc, cleanly
on Linux, and with a few minor warnings on Solaris 2.6.

Most compat changes are made via autoconf which should help further
portability a little. However, with OpenBSD, Linux, Solaris and HPUX
running I'm out of other platforms to try right now.

The patch needs to be applied against raw 1.2.1pre18, as it includes
both Ben's patch and the simplest IPV6 change. Changes and TODOs follow.
I look forward to your bitter criticism, or even some constructive

-Andre Lucas
Instinet Global Services

Changes (mostly HPSUX workarounds :-) )
- Ben Taylor's utmpx patch, with a few hacks for HPUX compat
- Filled out utmp struct as well for above (HP commands still use
- innetgr() protos if required
- #ifdef blocks for innetgr lib function
- *snprintf proto definitions if not present (HP)
- utmpx compatibility hacks
- search for xauth
- check for updwtmpx lib func (HP)
- check for ttcompat.h (HP)
- check environment for mail directory if no maillock.h
- variable for custom rsh path (HP uses remsh)
- include bsd-login.h for systems w/o login lib func
- X11 port forwarding on HPUX
- macro to use setreuid() instead of seteuid(), which HP lacks ***
Someone shout if this has any security implications ! ***
- autoconf config.sub and config.guess (AC_CANONICAL_HOST) added
- various compiler warnings squashed. I hate warnings. Grr.

- HP utmp/utmpx support is still broken, ttyslot() seems to return
garbage for ptys... anyone? :-)
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