Portability hacks + alpha HPUX1020 port

Damien Miller djm at mindrot.org
Tue Dec 21 23:54:21 EST 1999

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On Tue, 21 Dec 1999, Andre Lucas wrote:

> Ok, I look forward to seeing what you've added.

I will be uploading it in a moment.

You can grab it from:


Please don't publicise this URL. Despite it being easy to figure 
out, I would prefer that general users use a mirror.

> A lot of people are seeing multiple copies of my first post in
> this thread. It's a little hard for me to know why it happens
> - a thousand people use that mail gateway at Instinet and send
> attachments all day long, noone else gets this - but I'll apologise
> anyway as it's a large attachment.
> Is there any way the list administrator can investigate this please?
> It's not just my mail that people are getting more than once (I have two
> copies of your response, for example) but mine is the one pissing most
> people off, because of its size.
> Here's hoping this one doesn't loop. Please, guys: The looping isn't
> my fault, don't killfile me just yet...

I host the list from one of my home machines. Can you send few
examples of the looped email with full headers and I will track it

Anyone have problems?


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