Releasing a code version that stays for a while

David Rankin drankin at
Fri Dec 24 08:05:27 EST 1999

I've been working on a package for openssh to include in the NetBSD package
system (similar to the FreeBSD ports system). I'm being hindered in this
by the fact that updates to these packages can be extremely slow (2-3 days
minimum, more like 2 weeks including testing), too slow to compensate for
the fact that the tarfiles for back-level versions of openssh-1.2pre* are
going away.

Given that Linux and NetBSD (among others) are stable, might it be possible
to either have the next release stick around until 1.2.1 goes gold, or
(even better) a bug-patch-only 1.2.1 branch be forked off before more
enhancements start entering the tree?


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