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Fri Dec 24 09:51:46 EST 1999

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On Thu, 23 Dec 1999, David Rankin wrote:

> I've been working on a package for openssh to include in the NetBSD
> package system (similar to the FreeBSD ports system). I'm being
> hindered in this by the fact that updates to these packages can
> be extremely slow (2-3 days minimum, more like 2 weeks including
> testing), too slow to compensate for the fact that the tarfiles for
> back-level versions of openssh-1.2pre* are going away.

What do you mean? All the old tar files are still around, you 
should be able to get them from:

or a mirror.

> Given that Linux and NetBSD (among others) are stable, might it be
> possible to either have the next release stick around until 1.2.1
> goes gold, or (even better) a bug-patch-only 1.2.1 branch be forked
> off before more enhancements start entering the tree?

I hope to have a stable release before the end of the year for 
NetBSD, Linux, Solaris and hopefully HPUX.

Since I am on holidays now, I have a bit more time to work on 
OpenSSH (modulo xmas and new years).

Damien Miller

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