ANNOUNCE: openssh-1.2.1pre20

Andre Lucas andre.lucas at
Mon Dec 27 07:08:02 EST 1999

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> >
> > My docs (utmp.h) indicates that the ut_id field is used to
> > indicate the id of the process from the inittab. Is it used for
> > something different on Solaris?
> Probably best not to commit it.  I think I might have been a bit
> over zealous to fill out all the fields in the utmpx structure.

I don't think you were! pututxline() uses the ut_id field as a key into
the utmpx file, so if it's not set I don't see how the system can know
where to put the entry. Maybe some OSs look at the ut_line entry. With
the current code, HPUX puts all the pty entries in the same place...

This is from Linux's utmp manpage:

	char ut_id[4];              /* init id or abbrev. ttyname */

I think it only matters about inittab stuff when the ut_type field is
something other than USER_PROCESS or DEAD_PROCESS, the only ones ssh
uses. AFAIK.


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