autoconf check for socklen_t

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Tue Dec 28 19:18:16 EST 1999

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On 28 Dec 1999, Darren Hall wrote:

> Here's a configure check to see if socklen_t is defined.  Even
> though my man pages on linux say accept(2) takes (int *) as it's 3rd
> arg, the sys/socket.h files begs to differ.

Thanks, applied. I am now typedefing (unsigned int) to socklen_t if
the definition is missing.

> If not defined (which is doesn't seem to be on AIX 4.2.1), it can
> be explicitly typedef'ed to (unsigned int).  Now do mainstream code
> changes get submitted back to the openbsd group, or would it be
> better to submit to this list?

For portability changes, it is best to send the via this list. Feel
free to send any other patches as well, I feed them back to the 
OpenBSD people if I think they are relevant.

> After defining all those variables to socklen_t, this should clean
> up the spurious errors spewed forth from AIX's native compiler,
> about the uncast connect, accept and bind calls.

Does 1.2.1pre22 (with your patch) work correctly on AIX?


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