status of Solaris build

Chris Saia csaia at
Tue Nov 23 11:49:58 EST 1999


  Well, I finally made it through a complete build of OpenSSH on Solaris
  7/x86.  I've included a few notes below.  Most of them are either simple
  enough or too complex (i.e. I'm not sure how to do it without breaking
  other platforms) to generate patches for here.

  1) _PATH_DEVNULL, _PATH_UTMP and _PATH_WTMP aren't defined anywhere,
     since Solaris doesn't appear to have a paths.h include.  When the
     compile bailed, I dropped in a literal string and reran the make.

  1a) There are some conflicting declarations of __progname in the
     application *.c files (sshd.c, ssh-add.c, etc.).  If __progname
     wasn't found, these files declare it as a const char *.  Later
     in code blocks, it is redeclared as an extern char *.  C compilers
     won't like this.  I simply commented out the conflicting declarations
     further down in the code and reran the make.

  2) The (and consequently the generated Makefile) assume a
     BSD-style install program.  Unfortunately, Solaris's bundled install
     will not play nice with the install portion of the Makefile, and
     there's no easy way to make it work with both, since arguments on
     Solaris install have to be processed in a specific order, and Solaris
     install also uses "-s" to indicate silence on an install rather than
     stripping the binaries.

     I decided at this point to simply do some serious Makefile hacking
     to get `make install' to run without heed for

     I've seen packages that have included a "bsdinstall" command.  That
     may be necessary here.

  Now, the adventure will be in RUNNING the daemon to see what happens.  :)

Tally ho,

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