problems with pam on Solaris.

Ben Taylor bent at
Tue Nov 23 16:34:47 EST 1999

I'm working with the latest code (pre14) with some patches
I've made to get a clean compile.  Running the sshd I get a
segfault inside of pam_open_session.   Figured I'd get a
look at the data structures.  I can't find them.  There's a
#typedef struct pam_handle pam_handle_t; in security/pam_appl.h,
but I can't find a reference for pam_handle.  Am I on drugs?

Also, has anyone tried turning off pam for testing.  Oh, is that
ugly.  It works, and I get a connection, but there's problems
in the pty mapping that I couldn't get fixed with an stty command.


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