[PATCH] AIX 4.3.2 compile fixes

Tor-Ake Fransson torake at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 24 03:47:17 EST 1999

Hi all.

It's nice to see that AIX support (unintentionally?) is getting better and 
better. :)

Attached is a patch against pre14 that fixes AIX support. All that is left, 
basically, is a replacement for the /dev/urandom way of getting entropy.


A completely different thing... how about DCE support? I was thinking of 
adding some dce code to sshd that:
1. Attaches credentials based on principal name and password (already done 
with ssh-1.2.20)
2. Store password in a keytab file, to enable attaching DCE credentials even 
when using RSA authentication.

What is the general feeling on that?

Tor-Åke Fransson

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