openssh & XEmacs gnuclient issue

Chris Green sprout at
Sat Nov 27 08:53:08 EST 1999

In switching to openssh from ssh-1.2.27, I have encountered the
following problem with the way openssh handles its XAUTHORITY files
separately from ~/.Xauthority.

XEmacs has a gnuserv process that runs and allows commands to be
issued to a remote XEmacs process.  The trouble is when the command is
to make a new frame ( window ) on a different X display, it fails
because the Xauth cookie is not in .Xauthority and the user's process
on the remote machine is not.  I think XEmacs is one of the few
programs in common use to handle multiple displays.

What advantage is it to separate the ssh cookie into a separate file
aside from making it easier to nuke cookies when closing a connection?

Would it be possible to switch to use the user's ~/.Xauthority?

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