Announce: Test release with random collection support

Damien Miller djm at
Mon Apr 3 23:14:14 EST 2000

I have just uploaded a test release of portable openssh to

This release includes some major changes picked up from OpenBSD CVS.

It also includes inbuilt random number gathering support which should
remove the need for EGD on systems that lack /dev/random.

This support is very preliminary. Please treat it as alpha and don't
use it on production systems. It may break, it may not be secure.  You
have been warned.

The goal of this release is to get these large code changes tested.
Please send the output of "ssh -v" to the mailing list if your system
lacks /dev/random.

I am also interested in more random sources, please have a look
through entropy.c at the big table and see if you can suggest that are
specific to your system.

Good random sources should return a moderate amounts of very
unpredictable data and shouldn't take long to execute. Be wary of
commands that do implicit DNS lookups which can take ages to complete.

Looking forward to your feedback,
Damien Miller

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