Selectively allowing port forwards

Marc Haber at
Tue Apr 4 03:39:31 EST 2000


The current version of sshd allows to restrict keys to issue only
specific commands. However, port forwarding can only be forbidden

Given the following situation: A client C uses S as a POP3 server. We
want to poll E-Mail via POP3 from S to A via an ssh tunnel without
being asked for a password. Thus, we create a passphrase-less key pair
on A, transmit the public key to S and insert it into
~account/.ssh/authorized_keys. Only command allowed is "sleep" to keep
the connection open while the poll is doing through via a forwarded

That way, one taking posession of the private key can "only" use S for
arbitrary port forwards and do not have shell access to S.

I feel it would be desireable to restrict a key to "only do port
forwards to localhost:110". Would it be possible to have something
like that implemented in a future release?


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