Tru64 UNIX plans?

John P Speno speno at
Sat Apr 8 11:39:10 EST 2000

On Tue, Jan 18, 2000 at 11:01:29AM -0500, John P Speno wrote:
> Is anyone currently working on adding support for Tru64 UNIX's enhanced
> security to OpenSSH?

I got the time and did it myself with the help of the Tom Woodburn @
compaq (who wrote the enhanced security stuff originally in the other ssh).

Before I submit the patches, there's one issue that I'd like to get
feedback on.

Tru64 UNIX's libsecurity uses the log() function from libm and since
OpenSSH has its own log() routine, libsecurity cals that instead of the one
in libm and sshd will segfault.

I'd like to propose that the log() function be renamed.

Could that happen?

Take care.

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