LDFLAGS of the Makefile

H.G.Borrmann borrmann at ibm1.ruf.uni-freiburg.de
Tue Apr 11 23:43:29 EST 2000

I have compiled and installed OpenSSH 1.2.3 under AIX 4.3.3.
The call to configure was:

CFLAGS="-I/client/include -L/usr/ruf/lib" \
./configure --with-egd-pool=/dev/urandom \
            --with-afs=/usr/afsws \
            --with-kerberos4=/client \
            --with-tcp-wrappers \
            --with-pid-dir=/etc \
            --sysconfdir=/etc \
                --with-ipv4-default \

The resultant makefile has the line:

LDFLAGS=-L.  -L/usr/local/lib -L/client/lib

As a consequence a dot (the current directory) appears in the PATH of the Loader Section of ssh at the 
first place! That mean that a local user my replace the shared libraries libc.a,  libnsl.a and libz.a by his own 
versions and manipulate the system as root, because ssh is installed suid root.

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