scp: command not found.

Glenn S. Ramalho ramalho at
Wed Apr 12 12:54:40 EST 2000

In message <20000411124851.A9056 at>,Mate Wierdl writes:
>Where is scp on the remote machine?  It has to be in sshd's path.
>So set 
>--with-default-path to configure appropriately.
>For some reason, openssh does not include exec prefix in the default

It is a problem if SSH changes location from one machine to another.  It
is not always easy to get everyone to put the tool in the same place.
Mainly between different companies.  Some put it in /usr/local/bin
others put it in /usr/local/opt/openssh/bin, some go for /opt/openssh/bin
others prefer /usr/local/ssh.  I have also seen /usr/local/lib/openssh
and /usr/local/gnu/bin to kinda gather all the free tools in one place.

Just too many possibilities.  You best bet, in my suggestion is relly on
the paths or use the command line option to tell scp where ssh is on machines
where that is not possible.

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