More Slack7 heartbreak.

Richard June rjune at
Sat Apr 15 03:07:02 EST 2000

All line number are approximate, but most likely w/in 10 lines of the
OpenSSH 1.2.3 tarball.
I unpacked the tarball, and did a ./configure;make;make install
and now I've had some problems. :-)
OK, I've tracked down lots of goofy stuff w/ slack7 and OpenSSH
I've got a couple of questions.
What is /dev/tty and why does ssh try to open it to read the password
instead of stdin?(this cause ssh to die w/ "You have no controlling tty.
Cannot read passphrase.\n", line 69 of readpass.c, I've made it work by
password = read_passphrase(prompt, 1); instead of 
password = read_passphrase(prompt, 0); 
in sshconnect.c line 940

Second, in sshd.c in the do_exec_no_pty function, line 2017 or so:
if (dup2(inout[0], 1) < 0)      /* stdout.  Note: same socket as stdin. */
  perror("dup2 stdout")
This seems to cause the forked process to segfault, as a result scp
doesn't work, nore does using ssh to send a command. What would the fix
be for this?

PS to damien: OpenSSH itselfs builds fine on the alpha, but I'm having to
argue w/ gnome-askpass a little bit, I think it's just that I have to
install some newer libraries.(rh 6.0 is old)

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