OpenSSH and Irix?

Damien Miller djm at
Sat Apr 22 15:22:52 EST 2000

On Fri, 21 Apr 2000, Lars Kellogg-Stedman wrote:

> I'd like to install openssh across an Irix cluster where I work,
> but its dependency on an "entropy pool" like /dev/urandom is making
> this problematic -- especially because EGD has issues with Irix that
> making it largely unusable.
> Obviously, the original ssh relied on its own random number
> generator.  While this may not have provided the same degree of
> randomness that is provided by the openssh implementation, it had
> the advantage of being completely self contained.

You might want to try the test release at:

It has the beginnings of self-contained random collection. Please
report the output of "ssh -v somehost".

Suggestions for more commands (see the table in entropy.c) to collect
randomness would be greatly appreciated.


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